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Travel Quips Podcast

Apr 12, 2018

Queen Simone starts by sharing the awesome news of being featured in 2 Pods A Day, which helps expose others to independent podcasts! 

The theme for this week in travel news is “don’t do stupid stuff while traveling.”  She features three news stories that will make you shake your head.  Her tip for the week stems from a traumatic germ-ridden experience (and after hearing her story and what researchers say, you’ll think twice about using that seat back pocket).  She answers a question on how to unclog your ears after flying.

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Avoid the Seat Back Pockets on Planes:

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Do you have a travel related question that you would like Queen Simone to answer?  You can leave a voicemail here—Queen Simone may play it on the podcast!  Just make sure the message is 90 seconds or less and don’t forget to say your first name and where you are from.  Or you can email your travel questions to


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